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We work in partnership with the Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC) department to provide free phone and in-person consultations in English and Spanish,  pre-screening, application submissions, and additional help when applying for food stamps (SNAP) and other social services.

Application Assistance

Let us help your clients apply for food stamps (SNAP), Children's Medicaid, CHIP, CHIP Perinatal Program, TANF and the Women's Health Program.

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For Media Requests, you are welcome to direct the media to contact Central Texas Food Bank’s Communications Team at (512) 684-2528.


Feeding America and USDA require all partner agencies to be trained in Food Safety and Civil Rights. A member of your agency staff must either be a certified food manager (onsite partners) or have received food-handling training (pantries) from an accredited school or the local health department while adhering to all local and state food safety guidelines. In addition, all agency staff and volunteers who interact with program participants and handle personal information must receive Civil Rights training, CTFB offers this training, compliant with Texas Department of Agriculture requirements. Additionally, agency representatives may take the training provided by TDA. Volunteers with senior programs and mobile pantries should take the TDA training, as the CTFB-sponsored training is reserved for partner agencies. All temporary/short-term volunteers must review the limited civil rights training document located in the Agencies Resource Center on the website. Partner agencies are responsible for documenting their training records, which will be requested by the Food Bank during annual inspections. Failure to comply with this training requirement may result in a suspension of privileges with the Food Bank.

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Central Texas Food Bank Resources and Programs

  • Emergency Food Assistance Referral List in English and Spanish
  • Fresh Food For Families calendar for July
  • HOPE Calendar for July
  • CSFP Calendar for July
  • Mobile Pantry Calendar for July and August
  • Regional Delivery Calendar for July

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FFFF Program Management Documents

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CSFP Program Management Documents


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