Retail Grocers, Farmers, Industry and Bulk Donations

Ready to make a bulk food donation?

Food Industry donors help power our mission to fight hunger in our community. Our Food Sourcing Team is here to help retailers, manufacturers, corporations and farmers safely donate their excess and unsalable grocery products.

Check out answers to frequently asked questions below.

For donations that are over 1,000 pounds we can help coordinate delivery or pick-up. If you are planning on dropping off a bulk donation please call ahead so we can prepare our warehouse.

Donations smaller than bulk sizing we kindly ask that you drop them off. Click here for more information.

Food and products that are still safe but cannot be sold can have a second life. Here are some types of products we can take:

  • close-to-code items
  • out of code items with extended use-by dates
  • perishable items
  • discontinued items
  • shipping errors
  • partial cases
  • cosmetic damage to items
  • packaging changes
  • packaging errors
  • promotional and seasonal items
  • test product inventory
  • bulk or food service sizes
  • items with intact, un-opened, consumer or commercial packaging
  • items with non-breakable packaging (no glass please)
  • food within the expiration date on the packaging

Because our clients' well-being is our first priority, we can only give out food that is safe and healthy. To ensure your gift goes to a family in need, please be sure to give:

  • healthy, non-perishable food – our most requested items include:
    • peanut butter
    • canned chicken breast or tuna
    • canned low sodium vegetables
    • canned fruit in its own juice (no sugar added)
    • dry pinto beans
    • brown rice
    • non-fat dry milk powder
    • 100% whole grain cereal
    • tomato sauce
    • canned tomatoes
    • canned entrees
  • Non-food items
  • Ice packs
  • Opened packages
  • At this time CTFB and our agencies can no longer accept PPE supplies (hand sanitizer, faces masks, etc.)

For an industry or bulk donation please contact Food Sourcing Coordinators, Tanisha Raymond and Morgan Travieso by phone at 512-684-2523.

Donations dropped off at our Warehouse do not automatically receive receipts. If you are needing one, please let a staff member at the loading dock know – as this area is shared with our Partner Agencies who are picking up food to distribute to clients, we ask that you be patient with our Warehouse staff assisting you.

If you would like to download a receipt for your personal use, click here.

Do you have a buck or some doe to spare? Through Hunters for the Hungry, you can donate legally tagged, field-dressed deer to families facing hunger. Learn about the program and the upcoming hunting season.

Still have questions? Contact Us.

For immediate assistance with donating a large amount of food, please Contact our donation coordinators at 512-684-2523.