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Dec 04

Empowering Our Partner Network to Expand Food Access Programs

At the Central Texas Food Bank, we are proud to work with over 230 Partner Agencies to achieve our mission of ending hunger in Central Texas. Sophia Copeland, part of our network services team, supports our Partner Agencies through the creation, maintenance and expansion of their food access programs.

Nov 10

Retired Veteran Visits Food Bank to Support His Grandkids

Retired Air Force veteran receives groceries from Food Bank to help make ends meet on a fixed income.

Nov 06

CVS Health Supports the Central Texas Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry Program

The CTFB is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Mobile Distribution grant from CVS Health. This grant will help the CTFB Mobile Food Pantry program to continue its important work, providing food to people where they live and filling the gap for people who do not have reliable transportation or who live in areas without grocery stores.

Nov 01

KXAN Friendsgiving Challenge Raising Holiday Funds

KXAN meteorologists Kristen Currie and David Yeomans are competing to raise funds for the Food Bank in time for the holidays. Are you Team Kristen or Team David? Show your support by donating to your favorite team.

Oct 27

Food Bank Benefits Assistance Connects Central Texans to Financial Resources Needed to Thrive

As a social worker, Lesly Montoya excels in helping Central Texans navigate the complexities of government benefits by providing a safe and welcoming environment. Her dedication to building relationships with neighbors showcases the unwavering commitment of the Central Texas Food Bank to lead our community in the fight against hunger.

Oct 10

With High Grocery Costs, Mother Turns to Food Bank Mobile Pantry to Ensure Kids Have Healthy School Meals

Samantha, a mother of four, sends her children to school with healthy meals with help from the Central Texas Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry at Neilson Field.

Sep 29

How the Food Bank Upholds Food Safety Standards to Support Operations

Sonia's diverse career background and passion for detail cleaning have made her a vital part of the Food Bank team, ensuring the facility runs smoothly.

Sep 19

Food Bank Launches Youth Ambassador Program

Children, teens and college students can participate in the Central Texas Food Bank's Youth Ambassador Program and lead their communities in advocating for a future without hunger.

Sep 05

Food Bank Supports Hays County Family of Five

Oralis' family turns to the Central Texas Food Bank for the nourishment they need to thrive as they continue to navigate the high cost of living in Central Texas.

Sep 01

Ten Ways To Take Action for Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide campaign designed to inspire conversation about the issue of hunger in America. Here are ten ways you can take action and join the movement to end hunger.