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Jul 08
Jun 28

How the Food Bank Manages Food Flow to Nourish Lives

Our Internal Distribution team ensures that the food that flows from the Food Bank to our community is shared equitably and efficiently.

May 31

Guiding Central Texans Towards Food Security Through Benefits Assistance

Our Benefits and Emergency Services team helps Central Texans navigate state benefits applications, and this Food Banker exemplifies compassionate care by providing comprehensive support to our neighbors.

May 29

Nourishing Young Minds: Our Partnership with Foundation Communities

Foundation Communities serves students in the Austin community through their partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank.

May 27

Central Texas Food Bank’s Culinary Training Program Empowers Recent Graduate to Chase Her Dreams

CTFB’s Culinary Training Program Inspires Graduates and Enriches the Community

May 21

A Look Back on Wells Fargo’s Compassionate Support of the Central Texas Food Bank During the 2023 Winter Storm and Beyond

As the Central Texas Food Bank extends our gratitude to Wells Fargo, we reflect on the profound impact their unwavering support has had on our community, especially during times of crisis.

May 17

Embracing Community: Rob Neill's Wisdom on Volunteering at Central Texas Food Bank

Dedicated CTFB Volunteer, Rob Neill, Shares his Experience, Hope and Strength on the Importance of Giving Back in your Community.

May 13

Closing the Meal Gap: Oracle and Central Texas Food Bank Partner to End Hunger

The Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB) is on a mission to ensure anyone facing hunger in our 21-county service area has access to healthy, nourishing food. With help from incredible partners like Oracle, a global technology leader with a deep commitment to giving back, we are ending hunger in Central Texas.

Apr 30

Partnering to End Hunger: Central Texas Food Bank and The Food Care Center

Uniting Forces: The Food Care Center is Strengthening Communities Through Collaboration with the Central Texas Food Bank

Apr 29

Nurse Gerri's Story of Resilience with the Help of the Central Texas Food Bank

Nurse Gerri is nourishing her family and community with help from the Central Texas Food Bank.