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May 21

Food Bank Expands Support for Older Adults

The Food Bank has introduced the Commodity Supplemental Food Program to provide additional support for older adults and ensure their nutritional needs are met.

May 08

After Losing Home, Senior Turns to Food Bank

After suffering a tragic accident and losing her home, Mary relies on the Food Bank to keep her healthy. 

May 04

Come Volunteer in our Kitchen!

Whether you’re making dinner rolls or helping seal trays of food, we promise you’ll have a great time volunteering in our kitchen.

May 01

Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults

Though Diem only picks up food for her mother-in-law at one of our older adults' food distributions, she does much more to make a difference in the lives of the attendees there. 

Apr 30

Volunteer Honors Veteran Brother through VA Mobile Pantry Service

Diana has been volunteering for the Food Bank in the warehouse and Mobile Food Pantry distributions, but the Vetaran Affairs Mobile Pantry distribution holds a special place in her heart.

Apr 25

We Need Your Help to Ensure that Families have Access to SNAP

We need your help to let Congress know that if the Farm Bill passes, cutting the SNAP program would limit access to food and make it harder for thousands of Central Texas families to make ends meet.

Apr 17

Kitchen Volunteer Spotlight: Chris May

While serving in the army, Chris began cooking for his friends in the barracks and developed an interest in cooking. While he finishes his culinary degree, he volunteers his time in the Food Bank kitchen.

Apr 16

Beast of Burden Challenge: 100 Marathons and 200 Food Banks

Jess Kurti is taking on the challenge of volunteering at all 200 Feeding America network food banks while running 100 marathons to raise awareness about hunger.

Apr 12

Congratulations to our Culinary Training Program Graduates!

After completing a 12-week culinary training program, we’re proud to have our first class of students graduating and taking home a certificate of completion that will help them jumpstart their culinary career.

Apr 09

Thank You, George, for your Years of Service!

We can't thank George enough for his commitment to fighting hunger over the past 11 years. We are honored to have been able to work with such an incredible volunteer. Happy retirement, George!