Fresh Produce Containers

Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agencies are encouraged to source fresh, healthy produce through our new produce container hub system. In this system, Partner Agencies directly receive produce from their local produce container hub and distribute it at their agency. This food is separate from your order from the Food Bank and is coordinated directly with the produce container host site.

Why should my agency pick-up from the produce container?

  • No handling fees
  • Located near your agency
  • Mixed loads of a variety of produce
  • Flexible pick-up times
  • Fresher purchased produce from Central Texas Food Bank

How to pick-up

  1. Sign the Produce Container Agency Agreement and send to

  2. Submit pick-up request form

  3. Host site will reach out to your agency to coordinate pick-up

Locations of containers 

Hosted by Caritas of Waco
300 S 15th St
Waco, TX 76701

Hosted by Churches Touching Lives for Christ
702 W Avenue G
Temple, TX 76504