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Jan 25

Companies Raise more than 500,000 Meals

Central Texas companies stepped up to help meet the increased need with a little friendly competition. Their efforts helped raise more than 500,000 meals, surpassing their goal.

Jan 07

Honor MLK during Week of Service

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy during our Week of Service from January 16-23. Sign up to volunteer!

Jan 06

Thank you, Food Bank volunteers!

2020 was a challenging year as families struggled to put food on the table. But thanks to our amazing volunteers, we're able to nourish Central Texans in need!

Dec 17

Food Bank Provides Hope for the Holidays for Family During the Pandemic

Benjamin has been out of work for months due to the pandemic. His wife's income isn't enough to pay for all their expenses, including his diabetes medication. Thanks to the Food Bank, Benjamin is looking forward to sharing a special holiday meal with his family.

Dec 09

Food Bank Helps Military Family Get Back on their Feet

Stephanie's family has been having a rough time since they moved to Austin on a military transfer. Thanks to the Food Bank, the family is able to receive nourishing meals, especially this holiday season.

Dec 04

Randalls' Nourishing Neighbors Campaign Raises Meals for Kids

Randalls' Nourishing Neighbors campaign was a huge success! Funds raised will help provide weekend meals for kids in need.

Dec 03

Seven Ways Food Stamps Works for You

There are still many rumors and myths about food stamps, making it harder for families to afford to eat right. But our staff is here to help. Learn more about how we can assist you. 

Nov 24

Family Affected by Pandemic Receives Surprise from Food Bank for Thanksgiving

Between Rachel's health problems and losing her job, her family has been struggling to put food on the table. Thanks to the Food Bank they can enjoy the holidays.

Nov 12

Grandmother Prepares for the Holidays Thanks to the Food Bank

Ruby lives on a fixed income and relies on the Food Bank to help stretch her budget. With the holidays around the corner, she's grateful for the support from the Food Bank to help celebrate cherished holiday traditions. 

Nov 04

10 Easy Ways to Make a Difference this Holiday Season

For families facing hunger, the holidays can be even tougher. But you can make a difference for families in need. It's easy to give back. Learn how.