Feedback - Fall 2015

Central Texas’ reputation for being one of the most flash-flood prone areas in the United States rang true during Memorial Day Weekend. Devastated by the historic floods throughout Central Texas, hundreds of families had homes washed away, leaving them with no place to live, little food and none of the normal necessities required to make a living.   

At the Capital Area Food Bank, we do more than help nourish families every day – we are prepared when nature strikes, providing food assistance when everything is lost.

Through the support from donors and volunteers, we were able to supply emergency food boxes to families, such as Donna, a teacher in Blanco repairing a home damaged by the storm and floods. On top of rebuilding a life, many have to endure the struggle of providing an adequate meal for their family.

With your contributions, we collected nearly 280,000 meals to help families with short and long-term recovery and disaster relief.

The majority of the situations we deal with every day are silent – without media fanfare or social media outrage. They are the seniors living on a fixed income, or the single mother worrying how she will afford food after learning her rent just went up; it is the unexpected illness insurance doesn’t fully cover.

That’s when the Food Bank steps in. Access to nutritious food should be the last worry anyone should have. We will continue to do everything possible to break down the barriers between hunger and access to food.

Hank Perret
President & CEO