Oasis Insight User Guides and Resources

Oasis Insight User Guides and Resources

Central Texas Food Bank is pleased to offer partners with an Oasis Insight Pro license to use for client intake and reporting. Oasis Insights allows you to:

  • Collect information about food and non-food services
  • Conduct intake only one time for an entire household
  • Track client progress over time
  • Coordinate communication between staff/volunteers
  • Instant client and household-level reports
  • No more monthly statistics reports to the CTFB
  • Research and analytics support for your organization's data
  • This Cloud-based Software means there is nothing to download and you can connect via the internet from anywhere. You get access to barcode ID scanning to help get clients quickly through lines using scannable key cards. Collecting electronic signatures at intake means there's no need to have clients re-sign documents.


Oasis Insight Manuals

Oasis Insight Recommended Devices


Click on the topics below to view the user guide and training videos. To view all training videos, click here.

Oasis Intake Training

0:00 Oasis Intro and Bulletins
1:07 – Intake for a new neighbor in Oasis
– 1:30 Search
– 3:30 Update Case Information
– 7:10 Collecting TEFAP Info
– 10:30 Proxy
– 12:10 Demographics
– 16:00 Creating TEFAP Form
– 19:15 Log Assistance
21:35 – Intake for a neighbor already in Oasis, needs TEFAP certification
– 21:50 Flagging Duplicates
– 23:00 Collect TEFAP Info, Create TEFAP Form, Log Assistance
25:40 Intake for a neighbor already in Oasis, has valid TEFAP certification
26:40 TEFAP Income Guidelines

Information coming soon.

Information coming soon.

Reports Introduction Video (~5 mins) - Click to watch

Reporting Best Practices Webinar (~28 mins) - Click to watch

Oasis Monthly Reporting Manual PDF

CSFP in Oasis Manual

Adding a New CSFP Client 0:30
  – Searching in Oasis 0:40
  – Collecting Client Information in Oasis 2:10
Creating a CSFP Form in Oasis 10:10
Logging Individual CSFP Assistance 13:12
Annual CSFP Check-In 14:30
Creating a CSFP Roster 17:20
Logging Multiple Assistance 21:35

  • How to add a photo for the client that will appear on their ID card. Navigation: Add / Edit Case > Add Photo (box in top right). Video: 00:15.
  • How to print the client ID card that contains the barcode. Navigation: ID Card (link on the bottom right) > Print.
  • How to scan the client ID barcode. Navigation: Home > (scan the client ID card barcode). The client case opens.
  • How to create barcodes for each type of assistance used for clients. Navigation: My Agency > Barcodes > Add Barcode.
  • How to print the barcodes for use. Navigation: My Agency > Print Barcodes.
  • How to register client distributions using barcodes. Navigation: Barcode mode (top left) > (scan ID) > (scan assistance). Video: 02:48.
  • How to register multiple assistance in the Barcode mode. Navigation: Navigation: Barcode mode (top left) > (scan ID) > (scan assistance) > Barcode Mode > (click assistance type in Item Name column). Video: 03:08.
  • How to delete an assistance type in the Barcode mode. Navigation: Barcode mode (top left) > (scan ID) > (scan assistance) > Barcode Mode > (to delete, click the red x next to the assistance type). Video: 03:14.
  • How to confirm the assistance records for the client. Navigation: Barcode mode (top left) > (scan ID) > (scan assistance) > Barcode Mode > (click assistance type in Item Name column) > Confirm Assistance. Video: 03:25.
  • How to scan the ID of the next client. Navigation: (previous case assistance confirmed screen, see above) > (scan the next client barcode) > (window opens to the new client case). Video: 03:31.
  • How to end client scanning. Navigation: (client assistance confirmed) > Done. Video: 04:10.

Barcode Scanning Tutorial

This enhancement allows you to associate third party barcodes, like a driver's license, with a client in your CharityTracker or Oasis Insight network. Click here to visit the "How to use third party barcodes" page.

How to use Third Party Barcodes

Note: CTFB will be exploring additional modules in Oasis Insight in the future, including the Referral/Request, Outcomes, Applications, and Assessment features.

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