Unbreaking Childhood in Central Texas


Today, one in four Central Texas children has experienced the physical and emotional trauma of not knowing if there will be enough food. These are not the petty torments of siblings arguing over who gets the last cookie, or a matter of eating conventional produce in a mostly organic household. Eating in times of economic uncertainty means that families are making the calculated risk that after paying for childcare, the rent, and whatever it takes to keep your job, somehow, there will be enough money left over for everyone to eat. 

Central Texas children are subject to this nutritional uncertainty at far greater rates than the rest of the American public. The economic recovery is taking a longer time to reach families on the bottom rungs of society, making it harder for  families to achieve food security and financial independence from the kindness of charity.  The poor are then spending a greater percentage of their budget on every aspect of life’s necessities, from housing, to transportation, to food compared to their middle and rich counterparts.

It also means that families have fewer opportunities to invest in their children’s education, health and future.  These inequalities are leaving too many Central Texas children further behind, breaking their bridges to a better life in the place they call home.

There is hope. One of the best opportunities to level the nutritional field is by supporting the good nutrition programs that help low-income children to thrive.  Through the Child Nutrition Reauthorization due to expire this fall, we can make it easier for children to access quality meals, and do so by ensuring these programs more efficient and effective. For more details on this legislation and the good ideas congressional leaders are bringing to the table, read our story on three really good ideas you can get behind to end child hunger.

We need your voice to let your elected officials know how much Central Texas children need these programs to succeed. Please give them a call or send them a letter today.