Tennant company pumps up their conference agenda with hands-on philanthropy

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What better way to make your corporate conferences a memorable experience than with an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and  do some good.  At the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, we welcome groups large and small looking for a fun way to network, make friends or enhance their teamwork skills.

Yesterday, Tennant Company spent an afternoon away from their conference volunteering to help us sort, inspect and package food in our product recovery area.  In as little as two hours they provided more than 10,000 meals through their donation of time and funds.  Thank you to our new friends from Minneapolis!

Whether you’re visiting or part of our community you can  help us connect  families in need to healthy food. Because when our neighbors miss meals we all miss out on their full potential.

Contact us at volunteer@austinfoodbank.org to register and to learn more about group volunteer opportunities.

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