Sustained giving, urban aquaponics-style to revolutionize hunger relief.

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Farmers and entrepreneurs Andy Cole & Sulaman Chaudhry call it the next generation of sustainable indoor farming.

We call it awesome.

Their project is Renaissance Farms, an innovative concept in urban farming and philanthropy to help fight hunger. Andy and Sulaman developed a highly productive farming method that uses shipping containers and aquaponic growing techniques that can provide more than 70,000 pounds of 100% organic, non-GMO fruit, vegetables and even Tilapia fish annually.

They believe that by sharing both the intellectual property and the food produced using a one-to-one model as pioneered by TOMS shoes, they can impact a billion people who are at risk of hunger and experiencing hunger outright. 

It’s a bold plan that can make a big difference right here in Central Texas.

“The partnership with Renaissance Farms would allow us to put another 10,000 meals a month on the tables of people in need,” said Hank Perret, President and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank.

The opportunity for us to have a predictable and reliable source of healthy, local produce is very exciting. The great food we can count on from Renaissance Farms will help us plan better and improve the efficiency of our work. And that all adds up to getting more great meals into the hands those who need it most.

To make this project happen, they need to raise $250,000. Spread the word, make a gift, and learn more at their IndieGoGo campaign site.



It’s been a wonderful experience getting to know Andy and Sulaman and having the opportunity to be part of their vision for a hunger-free community.  Join us to help bring Renaissance Farms to Austin and around the world.