Partnering to End Hunger: Central Texas Food Bank and The Food Care Center


Organizations like the Central Texas Food Bank and its Partner Agencies work tirelessly to bring hope to residents across the 21 counties we serve, ensuring access to healthy food for all our neighbors with unwavering dedication. Among these partners is the Food Care Center, a steadfast ally in our mission to end hunger, serves Central Texans in Bell and Coryell counties.

Raymond Cockrell, Executive Director of the Food Care Center, emphasizes the pivotal role the Central Texas Food Bank plays in their mission. "Our relationship with the Central Texas Food Bank is invaluable to us," Raymond asserts. "The past several years, 30-40% of all of the groceries we distribute to our community comes from the Food Bank."

This partnership isn't just about numbers; it's about impact. Raymond highlights, "Our partnership with the food bank enables us to meet the need of unprecedented numbers of families/people coming through our doors for grocery assistance." The statistics are staggering: The Food Care Center is on pace to serve over 150,000 individuals for the first time in its 37-year history. Among them, a record 22% are active-duty military family members, underscoring the diverse faces of hunger in our communities.

Veteran at the Food Care Center holding a frozen turkey

Raymond extends his gratitude to the donors, volunteers, and supporters of the Central Texas Food Bank, acknowledging their vital role in sustaining their efforts. "The Food Bank is an invaluable resource in serving the record numbers of families experiencing food insecurity in the local communities that we serve at the Food Care Center," Raymond expresses. "Thanks so much for your longstanding support of our efforts to feed families in need! It would not be possible to meet this unprecedented demand for groceries without the partnership of the Food Bank."

For our neighbors facing hunger in Bell and Coryell counties, the Food Care Center is a beacon of compassion, "standing in the gap created by hunger". Through collaboration, dedication and unyielding support, the Central Texas Food Bank and its partner agencies continue to nourish not just bodies, but also spirits, working towards a future where not one of our neighbors goes to bed hungry. Do you or someone you know need assistance? Visit our website to get help near you.