Nurse Gerri's Story of Resilience with the Help of the Central Texas Food Bank


For the past 25 years, Gerri has been a home nurse serving the elderly. Recently she lost a few of her clients making her work both emotionally trying and financially unsteady. Even with this instability, Gerri is able to ensure she and her granddaughter have nutritious food on the table, thanks to the groceries they receive through the Central Texas Food Bank’s mobile food pantry distribution in Hays County.

Gerri is excited to see her granddaughter off to Los Angeles for college in the fall. She has raised her since she was a baby and is very proud of her for continuing her education. Gerri’s story highlights the importance of reliable access to healthy food through services like what we can provide our clients with through the Food Bank. Making access to healthy food helps our neighbors grow and thrive. While she will miss having her granddaughter and her friends around making the home lively, she is thrilled for her next adventure.

Gerri is grateful for the help she receives from the Central Texas Food Bank and understands how important access to nutritious food is. Even when facing challenges in her own life, she makes it a point to give back as much as possible by taking any extra food she has to the women’s shelter in San Marcos, or to people experiencing homelessness in her community. She even teaches her neighbors how to prevent food waste by making soups and other recipes. As she takes on more nursing patients Gerri is excited to do more to help her neighbors.

With generous support from donors and volunteers, the Central Texas Food Bank is nourishing families like Gerri’s. If you’re ready to get involved in our mission to end hunger in Central Texas, click here to make a donation today or sign up for an upcoming volunteer shift.