Nourishing People and Pets in Hays County: Neighbor Finds Relief Through Special Food Distribution


Central Texas residents facing food insecurity can find help from a powerful alliance. The Central Texas Food Bank, Austin Pets Alive!, and the Hays County Pet Resource Center joined forces for a special Mobile Food Pantry distribution on Saturday, March 23, in Hays County to provide assistance to both people and their pets.

Meet Juan, a Hays County resident who has visited the Central Texas Food Bank Mobile Pantry for over three years now. Now retired with his wife and two dogs in Hays County, Juan reflects on the challenges of stretching a budget amidst raised living costs and soaring grocery prices, including pet food. "The food I can receive helps a lot. It does," Juan says of the food he receives from the distribution.

Juan spent 15 years working at a car dealership before retiring, taking pleasure in the joy of helping customers and mastering the intricacies of vehicle parts. Today, he and his family are relieved by the assistance the Mobile Pantry Distribution provides. “Anything, vegetables and bread; anything we receive is greatly appreciated," Juan shares. Many individuals and families across the 21 counties we serve in Central Texas find hope in the nourishment they can obtain through our distributions and other resources.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, Juan’s furry companions, Bella and Uno, also received food from our partnership with Austin Pets Alive! and the Hays County Pet Resource Center. "It makes me very happy. Thank you to everyone who donated the pet food," Juan expressed.

In the face of adversity, Juan's spirit remains unwavering, though the economic challenges posed by inflation and the increased cost of living have not gone unnoticed. "We like to go out and travel; since the pandemic hit, it's been harder for us to travel," Juan shares, highlighting the sacrifices his family makes to prioritize essentials like food and shelter. “I remember that in the '60s, you could get an entire car for $100; now, you can only buy two bags of groceries with that same amount.”

Amidst these challenges Juan's positivity and appreciation shine brightly, illuminating the power of kindness and generosity from those who support the Central Texas Food Bank. "I want to thank everyone who comes out on the weekends so we can receive food, and I appreciate everything they do; the donations help us a lot," Juan said.

Your contribution to the Food Bank can significantly impact the lives of individuals facing challenges by supplying vital food supplies to enable them to nourish their families. By donating to the Food Bank today, you can play a part in transforming the lives of families like Juan's. Let's unite to guarantee that everyone has access to nutritious and healthy food.