Kindness in Action: Meet the Couple Making a Difference in their Community through Volunteering at the Food Bank


Trey and Linda Oprendek are a dynamic duo whose commitment to community service has brought hope to Central Texans facing hunger over the past year and a half. Embracing retirement as an opportunity to give back, this couple has lent their expertise and compassion to various initiatives, leaving an undeniable impression on those we serve.

Trey, an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin, has been an integral part of the Austin community for decades. His career has spanned tech start-ups and semiconductor technology. Reflecting on his professional journey, Trey cherishes the camaraderie, travel, and witnessing the internet's beginning in the 1980s. His experience underscores the pivotal role of semiconductors in shaping our modern world.

Complementing Trey's dedication is Linda, a stalwart volunteer at the Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, and St. David Hospital. Drawing from her 31-year tenure in the real estate industry, Linda brings a wealth of experience and a heart for service. Her adventurous spirit, cultivated through a military upbringing, has instilled a profound appreciation for diverse communities and cultures.

Trey and Linda are an inspiring couple who, in their retirement years, have selflessly dedicated their time to volunteering and positively impacting our community. They firmly believe everyone should unite and try to help those in need. Through their involvement at the Food Bank and other local organizations, they have witnessed how contributions of any size can significantly improve people's lives. Their unwavering passion and dedication to serving others are truly admirable. Trey and Linda exemplify how two individuals can join forces to create a positive change in the community.

Food Bank volunteer Trey holds disaster relief box of food

At the Zaragosa Neighborhood Center, while volunteering with the Food Bank, Trey distributes essential grocery boxes to neighbors in need in collaboration with the City of Austin and Amazon. Trey and Linda help coordinate logistics to ensure seamless delivery, making sure every household in need receives a box of nutritious staples.

Before the Amazon driver arrives, Trey and his wife confirm all the addresses, ensure boxes get loaded into the cars correctly and then check in the drivers. “Our neighbors can receive shelf-stable things like tomato sauce, pasta, rice, beans, and cereal boxes. It's quite a nice assortment of groceries for folks that can’t get out to mobile distributions,” Trey said.

Trey is very grateful for the opportunity to help his local community. He plans to continue volunteering for as long as possible. “My favorite part of volunteering is hearing the driver’s feedback on our neighbors' appreciation for the assistance, so it’s a tremendous satisfaction to hear that people are getting the help they need,” Trey said.

“The significant part about volunteering in the community is that you get to meet many people while having a great time helping the community.” Trey volunteers in various areas at the Food Bank, including the warehouse, mobile food pantries, and the Home Delivery Program. “It’s a lot of fun to meet different people from our community,” Trey added.

As Trey and Linda show every act of kindness, no matter the size, has the potential to impact positive change. Their dedication inspires us to embrace the spirit of giving, enriching lives and fostering unity within our communities. “I want to thank Amazon, the drivers, and all the volunteers for donating their time and supporting this excellent program for our neighbors,” Linda said. Following in their footsteps by donating time, resources and compassion helps create a brighter, more equitable future for all. “Thank you to the donors because we wouldn't have the food to give to the neighbors without them. Every dollar helps support somebody in need. So, I want to thank all the volunteers and donors for supporting the Food Bank,” Trey said.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in spreading hope and joy to families facing food insecurity—sign up to volunteer today.

Food Bank volunteer moving disaster boxes with food