How the Food Bank Is Using Data Insights to End Hunger in Central Texas – Employee Spotlight


Lisa Humphrey (she/her) transitioned from a corporate finance career spanning nearly two decades to focus on her passion for advocacy. She joined the Central Texas Food Bank in October of 2021 and is now the Community Insights Manager, ready to focus on helping feed Central Texans through elevating community and client voice. Lisa has also volunteered and worked with many other nonprofit organizations, including Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood and the Anti-Defamation League. "This is what fulfills me, and this is what makes me feel good to be in the world," Lisa says.

As Community Insights Manager for the Central Texas Food Bank, Lisa works with her team to build community profiles and lead community needs assessments. She oversees a project that ensures data collection is easy and seamless for Partner Agencies and Mobile Food Pantry distributions. Beyond collecting key demographic data from the neighbors we serve, Lisa is also responsible for soliciting qualitative data from our community. Knowing more about the people we serve, such as location preferences or nutrition requirements, allows the Food Bank to tailor its work to better match the demand.

At the Central Texas Food Bank, we combine qualitative and quantitative data with our FACT planning tool to analyze and improve services that fight food insecurity in our 21 counties. The FACT (Food Access Convening Tool) uses real-time data to identify service gaps. Lisa is responsible for creating reports using these data sources and delivering them to leadership to aid in decision-making. "This is all part of the social justice work we do here," Lisa shares, "Let people tell us what they need instead of us deciding what they need in a vacuum."

Lisa's passion for giving keeps her motivated and centered on serving Central Texans. "We are a part of a society, we are part of a community, and we each have to give to that community. I believe that's how I grow," she says.

Lisa Humphrey is CTFB's October 2022 Team Member of the Month. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading and trying new foods.