How the Food Bank Manages Food Flow to Nourish Lives


Managing the flow of food in and out of the Central Texas Food Bank's 80,000-square-foot warehouse is no small feat. Our team tirelessly works to source, route and deliver food directly into the hands of Central Texans facing food insecurity. At the heart of this operation is our Internal Distribution team, serving as the "air traffic controllers" of the Food Bank, led by Andrew Ingrassia, our Team Member of the Month. 

Andrew has a longstanding passion for nonprofit work. At 25, he joined a humanitarian group and traveled to over 30 countries from 2011 to 2015. His global experiences included partnering with various organizations to volunteer in orphanages, build homes and more. During these travels, he met his wife, and together they settled down in Texas, where Andrew began working with Adult Protective Services to advocate for adults facing neglect. Eventually, he found himself in a Senior Programs role at the Central Texas Food Bank. 

Now managing the newly created Internal Distribution team at the Food Bank, Andrew is the liaison between our Programs and Logistics teams, ensuring that food is distributed equitably and efficiently across our service area. His role as Internal Distribution Manager is highly collaborative, requiring him to stay attuned to every program and Partner Agency's needs. "It's nice because I get to see everything. What we have, how it's going to support our agencies, our programs, our internal kitchen. It's such a fun role," he shares. 

Andrew's dedication to service is truly inspiring. As a Senior Programs Coordinator, he ensured clients had his contact information and would go the extra mile to accommodate missed pick-ups. Now, working with Partner Agencies, he takes note of special requests and works with his team to fulfill them. "I always want to make sure they feel cared for. We're listening, we hear you," Andrew says. 

Andrew's leadership has enhanced collaboration and transformed the culture of teamwork at the Food Bank. His influence is felt in every part of the food flow cycle. Andrew's unwavering commitment to service and passion for our neighbors sets a shining example of what it means to be a Food Banker. "No matter how hard the day is, no matter how frustrating sometimes things can go, we're going to make sure we get the food out because we're serving our neighbors, and our neighbors need it," he says.

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