Honoring Steve Wertz for Volunteer of the Quarter

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The Food Bank would like to congratulate its Volunteer Leader of the Quarter, Mr. Steve Wertz.  Since 2010, Steve has volunteered over 800 hours at the Food Bank.  Steve began as an administrative volunteer, helping with data entry of volunteer hours.  In 2011, he decided he wanted a more physically active volunteer role and began to volunteer in Product Recovery.  After quickly establishing himself as a key volunteer, he was nominated as a Volunteer Leader in 2012 and happily accepted the promotion.  Steve went above and beyond by committing to shifts two days a week in Product Recovery.

As a Volunteer Leader, Steve is helpful and courteous with volunteers and always eager to help.  Ellen Weaver, Product Recovery Assistant, says, ““I’ve only known Steve for a brief span of time, but within that time he has demonstrated excellence in leadership, accountability, and a determination to fulfill the mission of the Food Bank. The Food Bank and the Product Recovery team are quite lucky to have the presence of a hard worker like Steve.”

In addition to helping in Product Recovery, Steve has volunteered for many years at Austin Reggae Festival and Hot Sauce Fest.  He’s not afraid to fundraise and “foodraise” (his term).  Steve says that he likes to see the whole process of food banking, from the time the food leaves a donor’s hand to the time it is sorted and headed out the door to folks who need it. When asked what one of his favorite things is about volunteering at the Food Bank, he said, “It's a fun atmosphere to interact with people you may otherwise never meet, all while providing an important service to the local community.  Often times you'll meet other volunteers again outside of the food bank who will remember you and that usually gives you chance to follow-up with them to find out that that they had a worthwhile, enjoyable experience as well.”

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and commitment to ending hunger in Central Texas, Steve!