Helping Seniors Thrive in Central Texas


At the Central Texas Food Bank, we provide healthy food choices for people across all stages of life. Erika Hultquist, our Team Member of the Month, is a shining example of that dedication. Her focus on the senior population in our 21-county service area is truly remarkable. Seniors often face unique challenges, such as health concerns and isolation, but with community support and dedicated resources, we help them thrive.

The Central Texas Food Bank provides essential support to seniors through two specialized food distribution programs: the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (C.S.F.P.) and the Healthy Options Program for the Elderly (H.O.P.E.). Erika's role as a Senior Programs Coordinator makes her an integral part of our efforts.

Erika connects deeply with her clients at distributions, providing nourishment from the free food and comfort as well. Her positivity and kindness help her clients feel supported and cared for, even on their toughest days. "If someone is a little off one day, I don't take it personally. I think about what I can do to make their day a little better. I try to be a little ray of sunshine when I'm out at distributions, and I think it makes a difference," Erika says.

Erika's ability to foster a strong sense of trust and accountability within her team sets her apart. Her relationships with colleagues are grounded in mutual respect and encouragement, symbolized by the tiny motivational poster she crafted for her coworker, Shawn, bearing the motto: "You've got this." This simple yet powerful phrase has become their rallying cry through challenging times, exemplifying the supportive culture she cultivates.

Erika has over 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, focusing on accessible housing. Her lifelong dedication to community service began in her youth, volunteering with her mother at Tarrant County Food Bank. Erika's work with senior programs enables her to serve a vulnerable population directly, which she finds rewarding. "It just feels right. I love what I do. I love getting to work with seniors and having that interaction with the people I'm serving," she shares.

With Erika Hultquist's valuable contributions, the Central Texas Food Bank continues to champion the cause of supporting our senior community, ensuring that every individual has the nourishment and compassionate care they deserve. We’re looking for highly motivated people to bring their unique skills to our mission of nourishing our neighbors and strengthening the Central Texas food system. Join our team!