Googling for Good


Central Texas boasts a booming economy and cultural vibrancy but beneath the surface lies a harsh reality: many Texans are facing levels of food insecurity higher than those we saw throughout the pandemic. At Central Texas Food Bank, we work tirelessly to not only address this issue but to solve it, and a key ally to our mission is Google. 

In 2020, Google recognized the Central Texas Food Bank's innovative approach and awarded us a $50,000 grant. This translates to a staggering number of meals for families facing barriers to putting food on the table, funding for our programs and so much more. This impactful donation highlights Google's understanding that financial muscle is crucial in the fight against hunger. 

Google's commitment goes beyond a check. Their company culture fosters a spirit of volunteerism, and their employees actively dedicate their time to the Food Bank through their corporate volunteer programs. Last year alone, Google employees logged an impressive 665 service hours, with a remarkable 223 volunteers participating. This dedication ranked them #7 among corporate volunteer groups supporting the Food Bank in 2023. These volunteers help with sorting food, packing boxes, distributing nutritious food out into our communities and ensuring a smooth operation – all crucial tasks that are imperative to the work we do. 

Our partnership with Google goes even further thanks to their exceptional matching program. For every hour an employee volunteers, Google donates $10. This program significantly amplifies the impact of volunteerism. Company matching programs like Google's are a vital source of support and make a huge difference. You can find out if your company has a matching program and more about how it works here. Last year, Google employees' dedication truly shone. Through workplace giving and matching, Google contributed a staggering $101,145 to the Food Bank.

The partnership between Google and the Food Bank is an incredible example of corporate social responsibility in action. By combining innovation, employee volunteerism and matching programs, they're making a tangible difference in the lives of countless Central Texans experiencing food insecurity.  

Inspired by Google's leadership? You too can be part of the solution! Learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Central Texas Food Bank and get involved in the mission to nourish our neighbors. Remember, every little bit counts.