Food Bank Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy!


When Kathy first saw the Food Bank’s facility, she couldn’t believe how big it was—it had a kitchen and a huge warehouse space. Our current 135,000 square foot facility didn’t compare to the Food Bank she had become familiar with.

Eighteen years ago, she began working at the Food Bank as a distribution services assistant helping ensure our partner pantries received the food they needed. 
During her time as part of the Food Bank team, she saw our community’s generosity time and time again. She especially remembers how the Food Bank and our neighbors rallied to support individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina.

“I used to say, this was the greatest job I ever had. Really, truly, the greatest job I ever had. I wasn’t lining someone’s corporate pockets. It was a job with a purpose. It made me happy,” Kathy said.

Her positive experience at the Food Bank left a lasting impact. She couldn’t stay away, so she did the next best thing: volunteer. As someone familiar with how Food Bank donors help fight hunger, she became an administrative volunteer, helping our resource development team thank our supporters. 

“This has always been an organization that I have been very proud to be associated with over the years and volunteering administratively like this was just like a natural step,” Kathy said.

Prior to the pandemic, Kathy led a group of administrative volunteers to help prepare mail to be sent out. In addition to helping recognize our supporters, the best part for Kathy has been getting to meet new people and make friends. Each week she looked forward to socializing with the other volunteers. 

But the pandemic transformed her volunteer experience. Though she can no longer meet with other volunteers like she used to, Kathy is just as dedicated. With the outpouring of support from our community this past year; Kathy has taken on more work. She now volunteers individually from home and drops off her completed work at the Food Bank once a week. Without Kathy and her team of administrative volunteers, our staff wouldn’t be able to get information to our supporters on time. 

Though she’s not officially part of the Food Bank staff anymore, her commitment to our community is unwavering. Kathy has dedicated more than 464 hours since May 2017 to helping us fight hunger. We are so grateful for Kathy’s service over the years. Thank you, Kathy!

“You get to see a better side of the world, being a part of this. It’s my happy place,” Kathy said.