Food Bank Supports Pflugerville Family of Six


For the last decade, Jackie has managed an increasingly tight budget for her family to keep up with the rising cost of living in Central Texas. She finds some relief in picking up groceries from her local Mobile Food Pantry distribution in Pflugerville. “You guys have no idea what a difference you make in the lives of everyday people, so thank you so much,” Jackie says.

Originally, from Austin, she decided to move out to Pflugerville with her family—where they’ve lived for almost two decades—to try and escape the rapid growth of the city. “We love it here. I could never picture myself going back to Austin. It is too expensive now,” Jackie says. But the rising cost of living has hit well outside the bounds of Austin, just as much as the growth has. While Jackie’s family has been fortunate enough to welcome more members over the years—among them, Jackie's one-year-old grandchild—the rising cost of food, utilities, and rent has made it difficult for her to provide for them without having to face impossible decisions. “We are getting ready to see our first pay raise in over ten years. So you guys make a huge difference,” Jackie explains. “The price of food has increased thirty percent in the last few years, gas on average is over three dollars a gallon. How do we pay for it?”

In addition to supporting her children and grandchild, Jackie also helps to support her brother who was diagnosed with HIV a few years ago. When he was first diagnosed, her brother’s care was critical and included several long stays in hospitals, where he contracted meningitis. With the support of Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agency, Vivent Health, Jackie’s brother found the healthcare support he needed to get well, including food and housing assistance. “He would have never made it without all of you guys,” Jackie shares. “He was always shooting to live independently and after six years, he can now live independently.”

Knowing the impact that community support has had on her and her family, Jackie is determined to continue paying it forward any chance she gets. Eight years ago, her son passed away in a car accident. The outpouring support from her family, friends and community during this tragic experience shifted her whole perspective. “My idea of what you guys do and what we should do for our community has changed, because people like you came forward and stepped up in my biggest time of need.” Jackie says. “We have to pay it forward.”

Jackie is thankful to the Central Texas Food Bank for the support it has given her and her loved ones in their times of greatest need. “I hope my story made you smile and was enough to carry on, and for donors to continue to carry on, because it’s a huge help,” Jackie says. “Thank you.”