Empowering Communities: Central Texas Food Bank’s Impactful Partnership with Joe Roland Community Center


In the heart of Dale, Texas, lies a beacon of hope for families facing food insecurity: the Joe Roland Community Center. In 2018, the center joined hands with the Central Texas Food Bank, embarking on a mission to alleviate hunger in Bastrop, Lockhart, and neighboring areas. 

Meet Josephine, the dedicated coordinator at Joe Roland Community Center, whose unwavering commitment ensures no family goes a day without a meal. Every fourth Saturday of the month, Josephine and her team open the doors to distribute essential groceries to those in need. Additionally, they offer emergency pickups for individuals facing crises, guaranteeing immediate support during challenging times. 

“We value our partnership with the Food Bank. The cold storage unit they recently gifted the center allows us to provide more fresh food and produce to our community. And the regular delivery of groceries enhances our ability to provide food for emergencies,” Josephine said. 

Over the years, the Joe Roland Community Center has experienced a surge in visitors to the food pantry, with up to 120 people benefiting from their services each month. "Our mission is to ensure that families from diverse backgrounds have access to nutritious groceries," Josephine explains. “Over time, more grocery stores have moved into Austin, Lockhart, and Bastrop. It’s far for many in our community to drive for food,” Josephine said.  

The small and mighty team at Joe Roland aim for a food pantry that offers a dignified shopping experience for their clients. The pantry allows them to select and take any food items they need at their discretion. In addition, they plan to expand their services to provide food boxes via home delivery to seniors who cannot make it to the pantry.  

 “This year, we have had a great number of volunteers come out and help. There are so many people in our community willing to give back. I’m very thankful,” Josephine said.  

Josephine and her teammates express their heartfelt gratitude to the Central Texas Food Bank and every volunteer who selflessly dedicates their time and effort to the cause. "We couldn't accomplish this without your unwavering support," Josephine said.  

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Joe Roland Community Center
Joe Roland Community Center