Embracing Community: Rob Neill's Wisdom on Volunteering at Central Texas Food Bank


In the bustling halls of the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB), amidst the clatter of volunteers and the hum of purpose-driven activity, one voice stands out—a voice brimming with wisdom, empathy, and a profound understanding of the human condition. That voice belongs to Rob Neill, a source of inspiration in our mission to end hunger.

Food Bank volunteer Rob in the Community Kitchen

Rob's journey with the Central Texas Food Bank began in November 2022, but his commitment to serving those in need stretches back over four years, encompassing food banks in Dallas and Maine. "In times like these, it's nice to work with a diverse group and agree more than not," Rob shared, recognizing the unity of purpose that transcends differences within the Food Bank's walls. "Lack of food is 100 percent fatal. No one disputes that." His words echo the urgency of our mission to end hunger and the imperative of collective action.

Amidst the noble cause, Rob acknowledges the common hesitations that often deter potential volunteers. "The biggest worry I hear is, 'I can't commit two days a week, every week at exactly the same time,'" Rob shares. "Well, no volunteers can. We have outside lives. Start with one shift, one day, once. CTFB will find something for you to do that works for you. You'd be surprised how your schedule opens up as you enjoy it."

Rob's words resonate with the insight of experience, dismantling barriers to entry and inviting all to partake in the act of service. "What if I make a mistake?" is another common concern Rob addresses with empathy and understanding. "We all make mistakes. We're human. This place is filled with smart procedures and forgiving people. You'll learn quickly."

Beyond the logistics and fears, Rob unveils a deeper truth about the essence of volunteering—the transformative power of human connection. "We all need help sometimes," he affirms. "Anyone who says different is lying or fortunate enough they should share. People also spend a lot of time behind steering wheels and screens. Meeting people—especially people different from you—makes you a better person. Better people make better communities."

In celebrating Rob's exceptional contributions to CTFB, we honor not only his individual efforts but also the profound impact of his attitude—one of compassion, inclusivity, and an unwavering belief in the collective potential for positive change. Through his words and actions, Rob inspires us to embrace community and to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.

Be a part of our mission to bring hope and joy to families struggling with food insecurity. Volunteer with us today and make a real impact.