A Bite Out of Hunger: How Apple is Helping Nourish Central Texas


In our relentless pursuit to make an impact in the communities we serve, every helping hand makes a difference, and every dollar builds momentum. Among our steadfast allies is Apple, Inc. whose dedication to ending food insecurity shines through the tireless efforts of their employees and the financial contributions that ignite hope in countless lives.

Last year, Apple volunteers logged an impressive 459 service hours, with 153 employees contributing their time as volunteers. That's hundreds of meals sorted, boxes packed and families served – a powerful testament to the company's culture of service. What's even more inspiring is that their impact goes beyond the hours clocked. Apple volunteers consistently demonstrate dedication, compassion and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors facing food insecurity. The work Apple does with the Food Bank is one of the many ways the organization gives back to communities all over the world.

Apple's commitment extends beyond volunteer hours. They have a remarkable volunteer hour matching program that donates $25 to the Food Bank for every hour an employee volunteers with us. Last year, Apple employees serving with the Food Bank raised nearly $15,000 through this program alone. That's an incredible example of turning dedicated time into vital resources for fighting hunger.

In addition to volunteer efforts, Apple's support extends to workplace giving, where employees generously donate directly to the Food Bank. In 2023, we received an extraordinary $129,000 through Apple's workplace giving and matching programs. This vital funding helps us keep our shelves stocked, expand our reach, and ultimately, nourish more families in need.

Apple's partnership represents more than just financial support. It embodies a shared commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By leveraging their resources, expertise, and dedicated workforce, Apple has become a true ally in the fight against food insecurity. We are grateful for their unwavering support and look forward to continuing our partnership to create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Inspired to join us in our work to end hunger? Visit our website to learn about volunteer opportunities or consider making a donation to CTFB. Together, we can create a community where everyone has access to the healthy food they need to thrive.