2 Austin ISD Pre-K centers to make food access a top priority


We know a child’s environment can strongly influence eating habits and school meals provide an important opportunity for developing those practices. 

Successful pilots of the Community Eligibility Provision in Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan have shown providing free meals to children during the school day is good for the parents, children and the school.

Now, the program will be offered in Austin at the Read Pre-K Center and Dobie Pre-K Center this fall. Enrollment is streamlined and there is no lengthy application process for free or reduced-priced meals, saving schools time, money and administrative work. All parents sending their little ones to these schools can count on their children eating two healthy meals each day at school, discovering new tastes along the way.

Austin Independent School District is facing tough budget choices after decisions made during the 84th Legislative session. We applaud the district for seizing this opportunity to place children’s health first.

To learn more about the Community Eligibility Program and how you can bring or expand this opportunity in your school district, download our fact sheet.