Raise Food and Funds

How can I help the most?

Thank you for your interest in raising food to support the fight against hunger. We want to help you raise the most meals you can!

The very best way to raise food for the Central Texas Food Bank is to host a Virtual Food Drive, which raises dollars instead of cans. The funds you raise go further at the Food Bank. You might be able to buy 10 cans of food at the grocery store for $10. That’s about eight meals. But through our economies of scale and food donor relationships, the Food Bank can source 40 meals worth of food with the same $10.

Food Purchase Comparison

Why should I do a Virtual Food Drive?

  • You’re helping more people. The Food Bank uses your dollars to provide far more meals than you can buy at the store – about five times as many meals!
  • You don’t have to store collected food or transport heavy boxes to us. Not only do Virtual Food Drives raise more meals, but they’re also easier for you. Your meals will be raised virtually on a customizable online fundraising page.
  • Your dollars are flexible. The Food Bank will put the funds you raise toward the area of greatest need.
  • You get your friends, family and coworkers involved. Create a competitive team-builder for your office, celebrate a special event or honor a loved one through your drive.
  • You can get as creative as you want. Incorporate a giveaway, 5k race, costume contest, dunking booth or catapult build – we’ve seen it all and we’re here to support you with creative ideas.

Find tips and templates in our Virtual Food Drive Toolkit here.

How do I get started?

First, you’ll set up your Virtual Food Drive’s own custom and secure fundraising webpage where you can raise monetary donations for the Central Texas Food Bank. You’ll set a monetary goal and create a custom URL for your page. Next, you’ll share your page with others. Anyone who donates through your Food Drive will receive an automatic email receipt.

Click Here to Get Started With Your Virtual Food Drive.

Questions? Call our Community Events team at 512-684-1403

How else can I help the Food Bank?

Cause Marketing Campaigns are a cooperative effort between your business and the Food Bank for mutual benefit. Your company can donate a percentage of sales to the Food Bank, or host a day where all proceeds go to fight hunger. We’ll provide co-branding and let our community of supporters know about your offer. 

Click Here to Register Your Cause Marketing Campaign.

Resource Center

Please use the following resources to help make your food drive, event, or cause marketing campaign a success:

Central Texas Food Bank Logos

Fact Card

Most Needed Items List

Call to Action Flyer

Meal Goal Carrot

Virtual Food Drive Best Practices

The Central Texas Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The food and funds you raise for the Food Bank go directly to nourish our neighbors in need across 21 Central Texas counties.