Jacoby's Burger for Burger & Grizzelda's Taco for Taco


As if there was ever a reason needed to eat a taco or a burger, Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile, and their sister restaurant, Grizzelda's, now give you a reason to indulge your cravings.

It’s Burger for Burger at Jacoby’s Restaurant through July 31. For every burger sold, Jacoby’s will donate the same amount of meat to the Food Bank to provide nourishing protein to families in need.

Eat a burger, give a burger. But it doesn’t stop there.It’s Taco for Taco at Grizzelda’s restaurant. From now through July 31, for every Picadillo Taco sold, Grizzelda’s will donate the equivalent amount of meat to the Food Bank. When guests order the Picadillo Taco, they can expect dry aged ground beef, rajas, refried black beans and tomate quemado salsa.

These donations allow families in need to get high-quality protein to stay healthy. Eating Jacoby Brand Beef means eating meat from cattle that has only been grass fed and never given growth hormones or antibiotics. Once butchered, the beef is dry aged for 21 to 28 days to ensure high quality products.

Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile                    
3235 E Cesar Chavez St.
 Austin, TX 78702
105 Tillery St.
Austin, TX 78702


United States

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