Our Nutrition Class Kids Do the Darndest Things

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In two years teaching CHOICES classes for the Capital Area Food Bank, Nutrition Educator Mary Agnew has learned the art of reading an audience. She can tell right away when her material really lands and when it just misses the mark.

But even after teaching more than 240 classes, a group of students at Brookhollow Elementary School in Pflugerville proved Mary can still be surprised. At the end of a seven-week Power of Choice series, the second- and third-graders gave her a special sendoff that she’ll never forget.

The girls in the class performed a cheer they had created about the Food Bank, and then each student presented Mary with a handmade card thanking her for a wonderful class experience.

“This was definitely a first and I had to blink back a couple tears,” Mary said.

Kids aren’t known for their subtlety or guile. When they get put this much effort and creativity into a simple thank you, you know they’re taking away something valuable.

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Ava learned about balancing protein, grains and fruit and about reading nutrition labels. She also now knows how to make an awesome fruit cup.

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Even on days when her mom didn’t have to work, Amanda stayed for the after-school program just to attend Mary’s class.

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Vivian learned the importance of choice in eating healthy and living a healthy, productive life.

To learn more about the CHOICES nutrition education program or to schedule a class, contact Bilingual Nutritionist Vivian Noriega at 512-684-2538 or vnoriega@austinfoodbank.org.