Local Skate Shop Has Huge Impact in the Fight Against Hunger


The pandemic has been impacting the economy in our community for nearly 2 years, but it has also shown how resilient our neighbors can be. We are extremely thankful for the new relationships we have forged in the fight against hunger, like the one with No-Comply Skateshop.

Like all small businesses, the scrappy local skate shop has faced many challenges since March of 2020. Business closures, changing national, state and local guidelines and the ever present threat of a spreading virus are all stressful for a local retailer. They even almost lost their home, when the long-time location of the shop was slated for demolition. After a public campaign and an outpouring of support from the Austin community, their lease was extended. But through it all, the shop was not only selling skateboards and shoes, they were helping ensure everyone impacted by the pandemic had access to nourishing food.

“We weren’t sure if we would make it through (the pandemic) in the beginning, but once it got clear that we were all right, we wanted to look out for the rest of the community,” Shop co-owner Elias Bingham said.

They started with one raffle for an in-demand pair of sneakers, then it became two. The money was donated to the Food Bank. With tickets going for $25 they would usually bring in between $10,000-$15,000 a raffle, providing thousands of meals for families struggling in these difficult times. By the end of 2021, they had raised an astounding $312,000. That’s enough to provide more than 1.2 million meals.

While our community continues to battle COVID-19, we are grateful to have community partners like No-Comply Skateshop by our side. Thanks to support from fundraisers like them, we can be there for our neighbors when they need us most. Thank you to everyone at the shop and everyone who has donated through the raffle, our mission wouldn’t be possible without you!