Free app turns small food tweeks into big benefits for your Food Bank


If you’re looking to lose some weight or just eat healthier, there are many apps out there to help you on your journey. But there’s only one app that will also help you pay it forward to people in your community at risk of hunger. We’re proud to partner with FoodTweeks to turn your healthy eating achievements into funds for the Food Bank.

First, download the free app for your Android or iPhone,  and start a free account. Enter the promo code CAFBTX. Then, simply report your food “tweeks” such as choosing a side salad instead of fries at a fast food restaurant, grilling instead of frying fish at home or skipping the bread basket when you visit your favorite restaurant. All your little tweeks add up to calorie savings for you and calories earned for you to donate to the Food Bank.

The best part, donating calories to us is easy with the app and totally free for you! If you’re on social media you can multiply your calorie donations by posting your tweek on Facebook or Twitter. FoodTweeks’ blog and app includes some great ideas on how to tweek your recipes and keep your meals delicious and healthy.

Visit our landing page to learn more and sign up.