Four Ways You Made a Difference During Hunger Action Month

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Another Hunger Action Month has passed, and we can’t help being amazed at what you accomplished.

1. You helped us celebrate the launch of our 10x10 Campaign for a Hunger Free Community. In the coming months, you’ll hear a lot more about our effort to raise the remaining $10 million for a brand new facility and the infrastructure to meet the growing needs of Central Texas. We’re so glad you could be here with us at the start of this incredible journey.

2. You donated your time getting nutritious food ready to go out to folks who need it. All month long, you stepped up to help us ensure every donated food item we distribute is safe, healthy and the highest possible quality.

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3. You raised your voices to bring media attention to hunger issues. You joined our letter writing campaign to fill the inboxes of newspapers across our 21-county service area. In your letters to the editor, you helped raise awareness of the many ways hunger touches every part of our community, and you inspired your neighbors to take action.

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4. You helped spread the word all month long on social media. Every time you raise your voice, you create an opportunity for someone else to join the fight against hunger. As our numbers grow, so will our voices and our impact. Together we can build a future in which no one ever has to go hungry. Let’s keep the momentum going. Keep Hunger Action Month alive all year long.