Food is Medicine: CommUnityCare and Central Texas Food Bank Team Up for Healthier and Happier Neighbors


At the Central Texas Food Bank, we take an innovative approach to food security and the well-being of our neighbors. As a part of our mission, we are embracing Food Is Medicine, the concept of prioritizing high-quality nourishment as crucial for overall well-being.

In collaboration with several healthcare partners in our region, we can address wellness and food insecurity by providing what’s needed, from medically tailored meals to produce “prescriptions”.

In 2023, we launched our mobile FARMacy program, which makes it possible for healthcare providers and other organizations to “prescribe” nutritious food and for neighbors to access those prescribed items onsite in our mobile FARMacy pantry. All food on board meets USDA MyPlate standards and are considered “Foods to Encourage”. One program partner, CommUnityCare, is a nonprofit community health system that uses a health equity lens to provide services to its clients.

Together, we are nurturing a vision where access to nutritious food becomes a cornerstone of holistic well-being, transcending challenging boundaries for many of our neighbors. Parked at CommUnityCare locations, the Mobile FARMacy offers patients a unique shopping experience, blending healthcare with the bounty of nature.

Mobile FARMacy

“We pride ourselves on having a one-stop-shop and providing our patients with social resources along with the other services in our health centers. So, our partnership with Central Texas Food Bank has been fantastic and we're able to provide services to our patients while they're in the clinic. So far, with our partnership, we have been able to serve more than  500 individuals providing food and groceries,” said Clarissa, Manager of Community Health Social Services at CommUnityCare.

This partnership recognizes a simple truth: food is medicine. A nutritious diet plays a vital role in managing chronic conditions, preventing illness, and promoting overall well-being. By ensuring access to fresh produce, CommUnityCare and the Central Texas Food Bank are empowering Central Texans to take charge of their health and live happier, healthier lives.

“To me personally, it's been amazing to work with the Mobile FARMacy and see all of the great work that we've been doing with this partnership. I grew up going to food pantries myself and being able to witness the Mobile FARMacy and giving patients the autonomy to choose their groceries and high-quality foods has been amazing,” Clarissa added.

This collaboration is not just about distributing food; it's a testament to the power of collective action in addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by the community. " It has been amazing to connect our patients with what they need, not just within a clinical setting, but also health care, transportation, we’re overcoming a lot of barriers within this partnership," explains Clara Ann, Community Engagement Lead at CommUnityCare. "It's a symbol of empowerment, offering patients the independence to choose their groceries and reclaim control over their health."

Moreover, the partnership serves as a testament to the bridge of trust built between patients and community resources. "Our partnership with the Food Bank strengthens trust within the community," says Clara Ann. “I like being able to have creative partnerships with organizations to figure out how we can best serve this Austin community. Especially with this partnership, it is connecting the Food Bank, who really goes after having less food scarcity in different populations and then CommUnityCare, who cares about holistic health care needs.”

As the partnership between the Central Texas Food Bank and CommUnityCare continues to blossom, so does the promise of a healthier, more resilient community. Through our shared commitment to cultivating health, we are sowing the seeds of change and nurturing a brighter future for all.

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