Ending Austerity Around the Thanksgiving Table


Connie Yates from Randall's  (left) and  Ronnie Taylor from Safeway (right)  delivering 1,000 donated turkeys to the Food Bank.

Each year, the  American Farm Bureau Federation surveys retailers to determine the cost of an average Thanksgiving dinner across the nation. This year, a Thanksgiving dinner is expected to be slightly cheaper than last year, down 44 cents  and the price of a 16 pound turkey is down 47 cents.  Families can also expect the price of turkey to drop in time for the holiday season.  For the economics geeks out there, this article in the New York Times explains this phenomenon well. However, a few cent  in turkey day prices cut pales in comparison to the food budget cut that Congress has handed to low-income families starting Nov. 1.



SNAP reductions starting Nov. 1

SNAP reductions starting Nov. 1


When the recession-era boost to food stamps was prematurely expired, in the face of continued high demand for the federal program, the average family of four saw their food budget cut by $36 this month.  The average 16 pound turkey costs $21.76.

With less than a week before the Thanksgiving holiday, grocers and families are learning to cope with the outcome of this policy.

In this recent NPR report, a grocer reported expecting his store sales to fall between 5 and 10 percent,  even with cutting prices on food items.  Families may choose to compromise on meal traditions, or forego other basic necessities to keep traditions alive.  Healthier side dishes may now be out of reach. This is why gifts to the Food Bank mean so much this time of the year.

We’re thankful to Randalls, for providing 1000 turkeys this week as part of their annual turkey donation to our Food Bank.  We’re thankful to the students participating in the food drives organized by A Legacy of Giving.  We’re thankful to the individuals dropping off frozen turkeys at our warehouse,  and donating deer in support of the Hunters for the Hungry program.  We're thankful to Formula 1 and Sodexho who have made it possible for us to safely accept  food from their events. We’re thankful for the many food drives, and fund drives organized across Central Texas by corporations, nonprofits and groups large and small.

Your support makes joyful gatherings around the dinner table possible.