Does the Food Bank Take Halloween Candy? CAFB Answers.


Yes.  We will accept wrapped Halloween candy (no homemade goods please), but there are sweeter ways to help us end hunger in Central Texas.

We have a strong commitment to using our limited warehouse space to provide the most nutritious food possible.

Through our Choosing Healthy Options Program (CHOP), we promote healthier eating choices through the acquisition, distribution and consumption of nutritious food by our Partner Agencies and clients.  All food items in the Food Bank warehouse are ranked based on the nutrient content included on the nutrition facts label and ingredient list. Foods are ranked 1, 2, 3 or MC (minimal contribution), with 1 being the highest rating a food can receive.  85 percent of our inventory ranks 1 or 2.

Each month, our nutritionists analyze the CHOP rankings to measure progress toward the nutrition goals for food distributed by the Food Bank. Nutritionists can also look at the Partner Agency order history, which includes CHOP rankings, to determine the amount of nutritious food ordered and offer assistance to agencies in making healthier choices for their clients.

Hunger relief is more than simply delivering “food in the belly”, but rather a conscious, planned and deliberate delivery of good nutrition to our neighbors in need.  With 46,000 Central Texans relying on our services each week, we want to provide our community with the best food we can. So when you stop by to drop off your candy, consider also donating something healthy or simply donate money.  With CHOP, and your healthy donations, we’re making healthier choices within everyone’s reach.

Here’s another idea.

Our friends at Free Fun in Austin has put together this great list of dentists participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program which sends your unwanted candy to help troops deployed overseas.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!