With this card, a moment of kindness helps children like Taylor reach to the skies.


Taylor is one of the amazing children we met during our outreach this summer.  Through the 57  Summer Food Service Program sites we hosted, Central Texas children like Taylor enjoyed more than 32,000 nutritious meals, 13,000 snacks and lots of summertime fun.  She let us know that her future plans include eating apples (her favorite) and becoming an astronaut.





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Taylor’s snack of choice puts her on the right path to achieve her dreams.  Now you can help the 20,000 children just like Taylor whom we serve each week by sharing her story on our holiday card.

These cards are the perfect way to honor your friends, family, co-workers or business associates and show your passion for the community issues that matter to you.  We’re happy to send the card on your behalf,  or you can deliver the cards on your own. Order your cards online.