Frequently Asked Questions - Sustainers

Central Texas Food Bank Sustainers Circle

The Central Texas Food Bank Sustainers Circle is essential to serving 46,000 people in our community every single week. This dependable, monthly support allows us to plan ahead so even more Central Texans have enough food on the table.  Thank you for being a part of the fight against hunger.

Sustainers Circle FAQ

Q:  How do I tell if I’m a sustaining donor?

A:  Do you make a regular, monthly contribution to the Central Texas Food Bank? Then you’re a member – and we are so grateful for your support. Together, with our other Sustainers Circle members, your contributions provide more than 10% of the Food Bank’s budget each year.

Q:  I’d like to increase or change the monthly amount I have been giving.

A:  Thank you! Every $1 increase in your monthly gift provides 48 more meals over a year. Send an email to, or call (512) 220-2680, and we’ll update your donor profile to reflect the new amount.

Or, you can also change your monthly payment amount by accessing your online donor profile and click on “Service Center” in the top bar. Log in with the email information associated with your monthly gift. If you need login assistance, email

Q:  When will my sustaining gift process each month?

A:  Your gift will be charged automatically on the same day each month. For example, if you set up your sustaining donation on the 14th of the month, your future donations will be charged each subsequent month on the 14th as well. If you need to, you can change the date of your gift by contacting the Food Bank.

Q:  How can I update my credit card number or expiration date for my monthly sustaining gift?

A:  There are several ways to update your account:

  1. Update your information yourself online by accessing your online donor profile and click on “Service Center” in the top bar. Select your “Active” sustaining gift. Scroll to the bottom of the page to change your payment information.
  2. Call the Central Texas Food Bank at (512) 220-2680.
  3. Mail your request – be sure to include your full name and a contact number so we can follow up with you. Our address is:
    Central Texas Food Bank
    6500 Metropolis Dr.
    Austin, TX 78744
  4. Email your request to Let us know a good time and phone number to call you between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q:  Does the Central Texas Food Bank sell my name to companies or other nonprofits?

A:  No – when you donate to the Central Texas Food Bank, we will not sell, trade or share your name, email address or any other personal information with any other organization.

Q:  If my card expiration date changed but my card number did not, why do I have to give my card number again?

A:  The Central Texas Food Bank adheres to all laws and regulations pertaining to handling of donor credit and debit card account information. Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations require that we not store credit card information on our computers, so when you provide your new expiration date we must also re-enter the card information to complete the update.

Q:  Are my monthly donations tax-deductible?

A:  Your contribution to the Central Texas Food Bank is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. You will receive an annual statement of your donations by January 31 each year. You may contact us at any time for current giving information by emailing or calling (512) 220-2680.

Q: I’m a sustainer, but you keep emailing and mailing me other requests to donate, why?

A: Because you’re already giving each month, sustainers receive only limited solicitations from the Food Bank. You will hear from us when we have big news about a matching gift or an exciting opportunity that we think you’d like to know about.

If you’re receiving emailed or mailed donation requests more frequently than four times per year, it’s a mistake. Please contact us to help resolve the issue.

Q:  I’d like to make a one-time contribution in addition to my monthly Sustaining gift.

A:  That’s wonderful, thank you! There are several ways to give:

  1. Make your donation online at any time.
  2. Make your gift over the phone by calling our donor hotline at (512) 220-2680
  3. Questions about donating stock, making an IRA transfer, or anything else related to a one-time gift? Email or call (512) 220-2680.

Q:  How can I cancel or suspend my sustaining gift?

A:  You can stop or suspend your monthly giving at any time. Just call our donor hotline at (512) 220-2680 or send an email to Please be sure to let us know your name and address so we can confirm we are canceling the correct donation. If you email or leave a voicemail, we will respond to confirm that we have stopped your monthly contributions.

Q:  How do I match my gift through my employer?

A:  Visit our page to check employer eligibility or ask your company's human resources department. If you have any questions about a gift that you’ve submitted for matching, contact us and we can help.

Q: How can I see my gift in action through the mission of the Food Bank?

A: We would be thrilled to show you how your sustaining gift is providing meals for Central Texans in need. You can come by for a tour of the Food Bank or visit a food distribution site near you. Contact our Development Team to find our more by emailing or calling (512) 220-2680.

Contact us:  If you don’t find the information you need in the questions and answers above, call our Development Team at (512) 220-2680 or send an email to We will return your voicemail or email within one to two business days.

Thank you for supporting the Central Texas Food Bank!