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November 2021 Announcements and Updates 

Oasis Insight Manual:

Click here to download the CTFB DRAFT Oasis Manual.pdf for the updated CTFB Oasis Manual.

Service Insights and Data Sharing Agreement

Be on the lookout for communication from your relationship manager regarding these agreements within the next week.

TEFAP Module and Client Release of Information

As a reminder, the TEFAP Module and Client Release of Information features are now turned on. Please note that this does NOT mean you need to implement the features right away – the features are available in your account so your team can begin training on it in preparation for November 15.

For a demonstration on how to use the TEFAP Module in Oasis, please watch the short video below.

For more information on how to handle historical TEFAP files, please click here.

For a demonstration on how to use the Client Release of Information functionality in Oasis, please watch the short video below.


For those of you running HOPE and FFFF, please make sure you are logging those assistance in Oasis. See the updated Oasis Manual on how to log these assistance under the right categories with “FFFF” and “HOPE” in the assistance category label. Click here for an Overview of new HOPE features in Oasis.

Core Demographic Changes

As a reminder, we are making changes to the Core Demographic items.  You should now see the following data points to the demographics tab:

  • Number of Children (0-17) in Household
    • Note: we will be merging the “Number of Related Children in Household” into this field today.
  • Number of Seniors (60+) in Household
  • Number of Veterans in Household
  • Number or Active-Duty Military Members in Household
  • Number of College Students in Household
  • Preferred Language

For those of you who were piloting these fields, these fields will move from the Pilot tab to the Demographics tab.

You should also see some changes made to the following fields:

  • Marital Status
  • Single Family Household
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Disability Status
  • Housing Status

For those of you who were tracking military/veteran status, it should now be moved to its own tab.

These changes should make it easier for your agency, and CTFB, to accurately track clients, generate reports, and understand your clients’ characteristics and needs. If you have questions or concerns about these changes, or if you need help adapting your reporting process, please reach out to

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